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Turners of Bond Street are able to supply a range of cuts of bacon - sliced or unsliced, smoked or unsmoked.

Our sliced bacon is cut to the traditional "No. 7", thicker than typical supermarket bacon.

The most popular cuts include:

  • Back Bacon
  • Middle Bacon
  • Streaky Bacon
  • Gammon & Shoulder


Below is a brief description of each popular cut and a photograph of the actual product:
Rind Less Back Bacon
The most popular rasher of bacon having taken over first place from "Middle" over the past fifteen to twenty years. The back rasher is the original fast food, just put it under the grill and cook it how you like it - crispy or just pink. Its the smell of cooking that sells it. If you don't like the white "goo" that comes out during  cooking supermarket bacon, buy DRY CURED BACK for the real taste!


Middle Bacon
This is the rasher your Grandma used to cook for Grandad's bacon and egg breakfast (in the days when everyone had time to sit down for breakfast). She had to make cuts in the rind to stop it curing up. Not the biggest seller these days but still very popular - incidentally please call bacon "rashers" not slices - thanks.


Streaky Bacon
Poor old Streaky, we sell a lot at Christmas and each time I switch on the TV. Rick Stein is throwing some thick chunks of streak into a frying pan but it is not a big market. smoked streak, rind less or rind-on is holding its own.


Gammon & Shoulder


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